veterinary services  Russellville, KY
Preventive care is the most effective and least expensive means of protecting a pet’s well being. That’s why Dr. Brown-Todd and her staff at Brown Animal Hospital recommend yearly nose-to-tail wellness checkups, a balanced approach to vaccinations, microchip pet identification, and regular screenings for diseases that afflict pets in their later years.

High-quality care for your pet also includes a commitment to strong client/doctor communication. It is important that we respect your thoughts, opinions and concerns as well as share our veterinary knowledge with you. In fact, client education is something we emphasize. Our entire health care team is committed to providing personal attention to the unique concerns of our clients and their pets.

Should your pet fall ill or be injured, we have a full range of diagnostic, medical and surgical services available. In particular, we have the latest in radiographic technology, a full in-house lab, dentistry, and a modern surgical suite. We also work closely with a variety of specialists in a broad range of disciplines from internal medicine, dermatology and oncology to ensure the best medicine possible for your pets. We are proud of the services we are able to offer our clients and their pets, and our ability to maintain the health and well being of their companion animals. Give us a call to set up an appointment for your pets.

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