Catproofing 101

Have you just adopted a kitten? Congratulations! Little Fluffy’s kittenhood is a very crucial time in her life. Your adorable pet is going to want to explore every nook and cranny of her new domain. Unfortunately, that sense of adventure can get a frisky little furball into quite a bit of trouble! Therefore, to keep your feline buddy safe, you’ll need to do some catproofing. A local Russellville, KY vet offers some catproofing tips in this article.

Small Objects

As you’ve probably noticed, our feline pals tend to be quite curious. Fluffy hasn’t quite figured out what she can and can’t eat, and may bite or chew on, well, just about anything. Keep any small and/or sharp objects well out of reach of those cute little paws! Some things you’ll want to address include beads, buttons, safety pins, sewing or craft kit pieces, fishing tackle, and jewelry.

Toxic Items

Be sure to remove or any toxic plants. (Tip: check the ASPCA site for a full list.) Keep chemicals, such as cleaning agents, automotive products, medicine, fertilizer, and other dangerous substances in secure cabinets.


Large appliances, such as washers and dryers, can be very dangerous to an adventurous little furball! Keep appliances closed when not in use, and make sure you know where little Fluffy is before closing them.

Plastic Items

Plastic bags can present serious choking hazards for kittens! You’ll also want to keep plastic wrappers and ties out of your adorable pet’s reach.

House Check

Your furry little explorer can fit into some very tiny holes, which can be quite dangerous. Close any openings your tiny pet could fit into, such as air ducts, and the spaces beneath or behind furniture and cabinets.

Wires and Cords

Fluffy could be seriously hurt if she chews on a live wire, or pulls a lamp onto herself. She could even start a fire! If you can’t remove or cover wires, treat them with taste deterrent.


Of course, the best way to keep your kitten out of mischief is to make sure she has plenty of fun toys to pounce on, and play with her regularly. If you tire little Fluffy out with a fun play session, she’ll probably be more interested in napping than in attacking your houseplants!

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